Feb 25, 2020

How We’re Boosting Our Client’s Charity Work Through Effective Marketing


Charity and marketing can compliment each other well. We believe that a close working relationship with our clients is the best way to foster creativity and produce the best possible results. This means that, when working with FRAHA, the things that are important to your business are also important to us.

Charity Bread & Birmingham St Mary’s

We’re always delighted to set up great campaigns like Cucina Rustica’s Charity Bread scheme, through which customers were able to make a £1 donation for every basket of fresh bread brought to their table. All proceeds went directly to Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice; a local charity which provides invaluable care for over 500 people on a daily basis.

Though it was only supposed to run for one month, Charity Bread proved to be so popular that Cucina Rustica extended it until the end of the year. The total amount raised was an amazing £859 – which Cucina generously raised to £1000, further helping the unbelievable work being done at The Hospice. This money can be put towards anything from a therapeutic art class for patients, to facilitating home visits for those in care.

The result of the campaign proved two things about Cucina Rustica’s customers: they’re happy to support local charities like Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice, and they can’t get enough of Cucina’s delicious fresh bread.

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Mixing effective marketing with charity work

Of course, with any charity campaign, the number one goal is to raise money and awareness for a worthwhile cause.

In the case of Cucina, we visited The Hospice and saw first-hand the huge benefits the charity funds can make. As well as being blown away by the dedication and hard work we found at Birmingham St Mary’s, it opened our eyes to how far a charity campaign can be taken with the right marketing and resources backing it.

This is especially important when you consider that the demands faced by charities in the UK are only set to increase in the coming years. A study by Charity Digital in 2018 revealed that 92% of charities who have a digital marketing strategy in place are expecting to see success from their future campaigns – meaning the benefits of proper marketing for a charity are huge.

The challenge, then, is implementing the right marketing techniques in a way which suits your business, your audience, and the issues you care about most.

Taking your charity work further

At FRAHA, our work ultimately brings out the full potential of our clients’ charity campaigns, increasing the awareness and funds raised but also providing a great marketing vehicle for the client.

In short, everyone wins – and the result is a stronger relationship with local charities and more opportunities to provide support throughout 2020. Because we take the time to understand what makes our clients unique, we’re able to promote their favourite charities through their online platforms, boosting awareness for both the client and charity at the same time.

There’s no reason why your ideas for supporting a local charities shouldn’t come to fruition. There’s also no reason why you shouldn’t make use of dedicated marketing services to not only boost the impact of your charity campaign, but also promote your business simultaneously.

In turn, your audience will grow, creating a positive feedback loop which will ultimately increase the likeliness that your next charity scheme will be an even greater success.

Interested in finding out how FRAHA can take your charitable efforts further? Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you and your favourite local charity.